In obtaining vital photographic evidence of laboratory cruelty, Brian Gunn The Animal Spy has penetrated the veil of secrecy which shrouds animal testing vivisection experiments in research to laboratories all over the world. During the course of his undercover work, Brian Gunn The Animal Spy has been threatened and beaten up, camera equipment has been smashed and films and memory cards have been confiscated, stolen and destroyed.

Brian Gunn the Animal Spy has exposed the secret world of vivisection, animal research testing

These image galleries expose the cruel treatment of animals in animal testing laboratories.

Undercover Pictures by Brian Gunn, The Animal Spy

A picture paints a story and these animal testing images reveal dogs suffering in vivisection research laboratories, monkeys in cruel animal testing experiments, cats in animal testing laboratories, abusive experiments on rabbits, research testing on mice, painful animal experiments on guinea pigs, animals testing cosmetics, caged animals in experimentation laboratories.

If you did the same thing to your animal you would be severely punished under criminal law.

Armed with nothing but a camera and working undercover behind enemy lines in animal testing research experimentation laboratories, Brian Gunn the Animal Spy’s iconic animal testing pictures expose the truth about vivisection research.

Animal testing experiment images that the vivisectors tried to censor!

If the walls of animal testing research laboratories were made of glass there would be an unparalleled avalanche against the authorities who allow the legal torture of animals in vivisection laboratories!


The Wuhan Institute of Virology Animal Testing Laboratory.
Multiple sources say this lab is suspected of being the likely source of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is the animal vivisection lab where:

* Coronavirus-infected bats are captured in China’s caves.
* Animals in this laboratory are electro-shocked and holes drilled into their heads.
* Lab animal victims may even be sold to “wet markets” for food … after they’ve been infected and abused!

The Wuhan lab is China’s only bio-safely level four (BSL-4) facility, and has long been eyed with suspicion as scientists try to determine how the deadly virus crossed over to humans.

A US delegation led by Jamison Fouss, consul general in Wuhan, and Rick Switzer, the Beijing embassy’s counsellor of environment, science, technology and health, visited the Wuhan level four biosafety lab multiple times from January to March 2018.

They voiced concerns over a lack of safety protocols that the biosafety of the lab’s research on Coronavirus in animals like bats, and warned that if cautionary steps were not taken, the lab’s research could spark a SARS-like pandemic.

They sent two sensitive, but unclassified, cables back to Washington, DC asking for assistance to help the lab heighten its security measures.

Vivisection is legalised animal torture. Stop vivisection!

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Remember, you can help stop these barbaric animal testing experiments by educating yourself and others.

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Day to day, you can be mindful of what products you buy, always opt for cruelty-free products and have animal welfare in mind.


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