Cosmetic Testing on Animals

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Why is it bad to Test Cosmetics on Animals?

Even in 2020, we’re still seeing many leading makeup brands mixed up in Animal Cruelty, whether that is directly, or indirectly. Brands are still turning a blind eye to how they distribute their products and ignore the consequences of importing them. Just to give you an idea of what is going on behind the scenes of these brands, IAAPEA has some interesting facts for you.

Animals rights: it causes pain and suffering to animals who are subjected to these tests. Some people are under the impression because they’re not considered “human” they’re less. The United States Food, Drug & Cosmetic first signed the act to start Cosmetic Animal Testing back in 1938, which opened the flood gates for companies to start testing products on animals. It’s been said that around 250,000 to 500,000 guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, rabbits,  monkeys and mice suffer and die for cosmetics all around the world. Dogs and monkeys are usually used to test other types of chemicals.

Brands are still not Cruelty-free

Although one leading cosmetic brand say they don’t test or condone cosmetic testing on animals, they still import their products into China Mainland, where all imported goods are still very much tested on animals. This includes all their subsidiaries as well, which will be familiar brands seen in many high street stores.

Another leading brand vouched to stay true to their word to never test on animals. However, they’ve let down consumers around the world by branching out to China, and began their downward spiral of paying for these cruel tests to be done on animals, all in the name of profit. Many companies will claim to not test on animals and say they’re ‘cruelty-free’ on their labels. However, if you dig deep enough, you are likely to find that some are not entirely truthful.

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics with its leaping bunny logo has provided a tool which allows you to search for companies providing Cruelty Free Cosmetics.

Please provide support our campaign to stop animal testing

Remember, you can help stop these barbaric animal testing experiments by educating yourself and others.

Keep up to date with IAAPEA, and use our latest PDF Posters to spread our message around your local communities.

Day to day, you can be mindful of what products you buy, always opt for cruelty-free products and have animal welfare in mind.


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