Animal Testing Equipment

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Undercover Pictures by Brian Gunn, The Animal Spy

Vivisection & Animal Testing Equipment

The animal research labs we have exposed are not the clean and clinical environments you may expect them to be.

Brian Gunn, The Undercover Animal Spy exposes the true horror of animal experimentation in research labs today.

Vivisections are performed in dirty lab basements.

Vivisection tools and equipment are left unattended and bloodied following a recent procedure.

Dead guinea pigs, sacrificed in the name of science, were put in bags in a fridge.

Animal organs and bloodied tissues were left in an open waste bin.

Dead dogs were left in a wheelbarrow awaiting disposal.

Animals imprisoned behind bars

This evidence will help to lift the veil of secrecy which shrouds animal testing vivisection experiments in research laboratories all over the world. These images are shocking. The pain and suffering endured by these animals is even more shocking.

The photographic evidence below shows the abuse and cruelty these lab animals are subjected to.

Animals are kept imprisoned in small, dirty, rusty cages. The imprisoned animals are either awaiting vivisection or some other cruel, painful procedure, or they have been left in the cage to recover from one, often with no pain relief.
Those not in a small, dirty cage, are being abused in an experiment or are chained to the floor awaiting their fate.

There is no respite for these animals. They endure pain and distress from the moment they arrive.

Animal Torture Equipment used in experiments

In one animal research lab, we found a horse torture frame. Used to immobilise large animals while they are vivisected in painful animal experiments.

A Skinner Box is a cruel device fitted with an electrified grid and in aversive conditioning experiments, the lab animal is forced to press a level in order to avoid an electric shock to its feet.

Stocks are used to immobilise rabbits for cosmetic research testing. The rabbits are often left in these stocks for days whilst being monitored during the experiment.

These animals suffer distress, pain, misery and often death.

Vivisection – unreliable, unethical and unnecessary

Vivisection is a controversial issue. Advances in technology have proved that animal testing is unreliable, unethical and unnecessary. It is simply bad science.

With research showing that more than 90% of basic science discoveries found from animal experimentation fail to lead to human treatments, and up to 89% of animal studies could not be reproduced, why do teachers still use dissection and vivisection as a method of training for their research students?

During our investigation, we captured some horrific images of many animals being subjected to the pain, distress and sometimes death of vivisection procedures. Vivisection is legalised animal torture.

Stop vivisection!

Please provide support our campaign to stop animal testing

Remember, you can help stop these barbaric animal testing experiments by educating yourself and others.

Keep up to date with IAAPEA, and use our latest PDF Posters to spread our message around your local communities.

Day to day, you can be mindful of what products you buy, always opt for cruelty-free products and have animal welfare in mind.


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