Distressed and uncomfortable, confined to spaces of less than one cubic metre, monkeys subjected to animal testing are in living hell before they even reach the labs, from which they will be forced to tolerate even more heartless abuse.
All in pursuit of a science that is of no benefit to them whatsoever.

They display obvious signs of discomfort, both physically and mentally. This sociable species is kept isolated and miserable, spinning in circles in a hopeless effort to cope with the turmoil they experience on a daily basis.

Restrained by braces and unable to sit down, Monkeys are forced to endure hours of testing at the hands of cruel and violent vivisectors. Their constant suffering includes rough handling through use of metal rods, and a complete lack of care and attention.

Over the last ten years, the number of monkeys used for animal testing has increased by over 74,000 in the USA alone.
Monkeys have an incredibly close genetic makeup to humans, which is why they’re used extensively in animal testing. The Macaque, which is the most commonly used monkey for animal testing, shares around 93% of its DNA with humans.

We would not receive this treatment. Why don’t monkeys deserve the same rights?

Hundreds of thousands of monkeys are bred in captivity every year, solely to serve as dispensable research projects. From the moment they are born, all they know of the world is a tiny metal cage, constant fear and distrust.

At the forefront of macaque exportation for laboratory testing, is China, who ship out tens of thousands of macaques to animal testing laboratories all over the world.

These defenceless animals are transported thousands of miles across the globe in the cargo hold of an aeroplane. The flights are often hours long, stuffy and excruciatingly warm.

There’s a reason people don’t sit in the cargo hold. It wasn’t designed with the conditions to provide a comfortable flight for neither people nor animals.

Other monkeys born in their natural environment, are hunted down, sedated and ripped from their homes and families as babies, adolescents or parents, saving no regard for their emotional wellbeing.

Monkeys are among the most intelligent animals in the ecosystem, so have the ability to form complex emotional bonds with other members of both their own and other species.

When confronted with a mysterious stranger, rough and hostile handling and a new environment with unfamiliar sights and smells, this creates a very scarring experience which, for many of the monkeys, is impossible to recover from.

They experience years of invasive testing, enduring excruciating pain and constant discomfort. They are confined to tiny cages with no space to roam freely, forage and have fun like they were born to do.

When the monkeys are considered to have served their purpose, they are euthanised. Robbed of their chance to return to the wild and live out the rest of their lives in freedom and safety.

If they survive the experimentation process.

In an interview with the Guardian, Kate Willet of Humane Society International, stated that this violent treatment of the animals is “ethically insupportable and quite possibly illegal”, continuing to say that due to the physiological stress these animals have to endure, the data collected from their testing would be “virtually useless”.

The proportion of medicines which continue on to production after animal testing is less than 1%. The stress caused by the testing procedures is one reason for this.

A lifetime of being subjected to constant monitoring and experimentation. Not knowing when they’ll next be plunged into unconsciousness, only to wake up with a new aching scar to add to their ever-growing collection. Continuous abuse.

This is no way for an animal to live.

The discomfort these animals have to go through is sickening, made even worse by their shocking living conditions and unlikely nature of a successful production post-testing.

These animals deserve more.

Animal testing MUST stop.



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