Animal Testing Statistics

Every 10 minutes, over 2,500 animals will be experimented on in labs in a cruel and inhumane manner.

Every year over 150 million animals will suffer this fate.

Many cosmetic experiments usually performed on rats, mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs include both eye and skin irritation tests. During these experiments, harmful chemicals are applied to exposed skin or even dripped into eyes without pain relief.

It has been reported that throughout Europe, approximately 12 million experiments are performed annually.

Some articles have reported that over 100 million animals are crippled, burned, poisoned, and mistreated in labs every year … In The US alone!

The physiological, biochemical and anatomical differences between humans and animals are significant enough to cast doubt over the validity of animal experimentation.

Dedicating time away from animal experimentation towards the safe and reliable study of people would bring more accurate and helpful results.

The key advancements in treating diabetes came from safe human research rather than animal testing.

Vivisection is not an accurate science as it will only tell us more about animals. In medicine we require knowledge of how disease works in humans.

Despite the limitations of vivisection, it continues because large company profits and worker’s livelihoods depend on this cruel type of research. This fulfils the requirements of universities, laboratories and generates significant business for breeders and cage / equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

It is more accurate to research HIV WITHOUT using animals.

Painful animal experiments are not just used to help cure disease. For example, rabbits are hurt and mistreated to simply test shampoos, pesticides, weed killers and even riot control gases.


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