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Undercover Pictures by Brian Gunn, The Animal Spy

The use of dogs for animal research experiments

It’s amazing to think that in modern times – with advanced science, impressive technology and heightened awareness … animal testing on dogs still exists. Sadly, this is still a major problem around the world with dogs and animals such as rats, mice, rabbits, monkeys and cats enduring extreme suffering in uncomfortable animal testing laboratories.

Dog’s are considered to be man’s best friend, they are loved and thought of as ‘one of the family’ in many households and it’s unimaginable to think that they are treated in this manner!

Sad but true … there are many disturbing scenarios where animal testing on dogs is a very cruel reality. Researchers have performed vivisection, injected diseases into their bodies, forced them to live in terrible conditions and dumped their bodies into dirty wheel barrows when they have not survived.

In The Name of Science

The dogs in animal research labs are terrified. They cry while the painful procedures are administered and they suffer greatly ‘in the name of science’.
The ‘lucky ones’ who do wake up will hit their head on a dirty cage … sometimes because they have no room to manoeuvre, often it’s deliberate due to the trauma and pain they are experiencing. After the animal testing on dogs is complete, they can become lethargic and refuse to eat – most likely because of the fear and depression they are feeling.

Some animal research labs have intentionally bred dogs with muscular dystrophy, making it difficult for them to perform simple tasks such as walking and eating. They are left alone in rusty cages without a blanket to keep their suffering bodies warm.

The Poisonous Truth

Some images above show dogs being used in toxicology studies. Large amounts of pesticide or cleaning products are forced into their bodies and they are slowly poisoned. Chemicals are sometimes sprayed onto the dog’s skin and they are often generally treated poorly, being subjected to kicks and rough, aggressive handling.

These poor dogs can also form raw wounds due to their cold, damp living conditions – sometimes sitting in their own bodily waste.

This image gallery contains many images highlighting the serious issue of dogs being used for animal research. Sadly, the pictures don’t lie. Brian Gunn, undercover photographer, captured these images to expose the appalling treatment of dogs and other animals in a secret animal testing laboratory.

Vivisection – unreliable, unethical and unnecessary

Vivisection is a controversial issue. Advances in technology have proved that animal testing is unreliable, unethical and unnecessary. It is simply bad science. With research showing that more than 90% of basic science discoveries found from animal experimentation fail to lead to human treatments, and up to 89% of animal studies could not be reproduced, why do teachers still use dissection and vivisection as a method of training for their research students?

During our investigation, we captured some horrific images of dogs being kept in a filthy animal testing lab in appalling conditions. Also pictured is the barbaric vivisection surgery on a dog, performed in dirty basement lab.

Vivisection is legalised animal torture. Stop vivisection!

Please provide support our campaign to stop animal testing

Remember, you can help stop these barbaric animal testing experiments by educating yourself and others.

Keep up to date with IAAPEA, and use our latest PDF Posters to spread our message around your local communities.

Day to day, you can be mindful of what products you buy, always opt for cruelty-free products and have animal welfare in mind.


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