Drug Testing on Animals

Gaining Knowledge at What Cost?

It is a sad fact that animals are still cruelly treated in the name of science to advance medical treatments. This includes calculating the toxicity of medications, analysing the safety of products (eventually intended for humans) and a variety of other commercial, medical and health care uses. Barbaric drug testing on animals such as innocent dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits (to name a few) has been carried out for many years. Medical researchers will experiment on animals to gain knowledge of how disease behaves and grows in our systems. The purpose of our website is to raise awareness and highlight the lack of ethics when drug testing on animals in the name of scientific advancement.

Throughout this painful process, various animals will be deliberately infected with diseases that are artificially produced in laboratories with the goal of mirroring a particular ailment. This increases the chance of scientists developing new drugs that can help prevent certain illnesses in humans. While the good health and wellbeing of people is a very important ambition … deliberately harming innocent animals is a cruel and unjust method of achieving this.

Inhumane & Un-necessary

Simply viewing just a few of the images posted on this website will help you understand just how inhumane and un-necessary drug testing on animals can be. As you read this article, literally millions of animals are trapped inside rusty, uncomfortable cages languishing in pain, suffering from fear, frustration, loneliness and feeling a natural desire for freedom. Sadly, all they can do is await the next painful and cold hearted experiment that they will inevitably be subjected to. The lack of necessary environmental comforts and the distress caused by their situation can result in troubling behaviour such as rocking back and forth, incessantly moving in circles, pulling out their own fur and even harming themselves.

Numerous non-animal testing methods exist that can be applied in place of this barbaric act that are more humane and could potentially be more profitable and productive. Numerous countries implement bans on the animal related research on a variety of consumer goods. This includes cosmetic testing bans in Europe, New Zealand, Israel, India and more. One look at this website will suggest that despite this, animal cruelty is still very much a grave concern throughout the world!


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