Monkey Animal Testing Experiments

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Undercover Pictures by Brian Gunn, The Animal Spy

The use of monkeys for animal research experiments

Tens of thousands of Macaque and Marmoset monkeys are used in animal testing laboratories every year.

A record number of monkeys are being used in US research where most of them are abused and killed in invasive, painful, cruel experiments.

Monkeys destined for Death Row

Monkeys are bred specifically for painful animal testing experiments. They will be abused and killed in immoral and unethical scientific research testing. It is a multi-million dollar global business.

Brian Gunn, The Undercover Animal Spy exposes the appalling conditions of a Chinese monkey breeding farm before the animals are exported to animal research laboratories in America and Europe for painful, cruel animal testing.

There is no animal liberation for these abused monkeys.

Toxicity testing on monkeys

One painful and barbaric experiment that was captured during secret filming in a biochemical research lab was a toxicity test on a monkey. The caged monkey victim was convulsing and having difficulty breathing. It was close to death following an acute toxicity experiment testing the effects of weedkiller.

Other monkeys had invasive and painful brain surgery. A hole is drilled into the skull and a cannula inserted. This device is used to introduce addictive drugs and chemicals into the monkey’s brain. Such cruel research can last for several months, even years.

Psychological & Behavioural Experiments on Monkeys

We share approximately 98% of our DNA with primates. This means that there is very little genetic difference between primates and humans. They experience pain and psychological distress in the same way we do. They form complex social relationships and experience similar emotions, just like we do.

Do we keep humans in cages, chained and restrained in research laboratories for use in cruel, scientific research experiments? We do not. But we do inflict pain and suffering on monkeys even though we know it is cruel and inhumane to do so.

Macaque mother and baby monkeys shown below are bred for cruel, distressing animal behavioural deprivation experiments.

Vivisection – unreliable, unethical and unnecessary

Vivisection is a controversial issue. Advances in technology have proved that animal testing is unreliable, unethical and unnecessary. It is simply bad science.

With research showing that more than 90% of basic science discoveries found from animal experimentation fail to lead to human treatments, and up to 89% of animal studies could not be reproduced, why do teachers still use dissection and vivisection as a method of training for their research students?

During our investigation, we captured some horrific images of monkeys being used as models for vivisection education.

The vivisection monkeys are kept in small cages, and for some the frustration of prolonged close confinement results in psychotic behaviour. One monkey was pictured eating its own excrement.

Vivisection is legalised animal torture. Stop vivisection!

Please provide support our campaign to stop animal testing

Remember, you can help stop these barbaric animal testing experiments by educating yourself and others.

Keep up to date with IAAPEA, and use our latest PDF Posters to spread our message around your local communities.

Day to day, you can be mindful of what products you buy, always opt for cruelty-free products and have animal welfare in mind.


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