Other Animal Testing Experiments

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Undercover Pictures by Brian Gunn, The Animal Spy

Animal Testing on Other Animals – Guinea Pigs, Mice, Birds, Farm Animals

The use of other animals in animal research experiments

Guinea pigs were among the first widely used animal in the research laboratory and have been used as an animal model for over 200 years, which is why the term ‘guinea-pig’ is associated with scientific experimentation.

Latest figures from the EU reveal that birds were the third group of the most commonly used animals in research after ‘rodents and rabbits’ and cold-blooded animals (fish, reptiles and amphibians).

Mice are often used in cosmetic testing and for medical research. Guinea pigs are often used in animal testing laboratories for allergy testing, respiratory disease testing, nutritional research, hearing research and safety testing.

Exposing the horrors of animal testing experiments

During an undercover investigation by Brian Gunn, The Undercover Animal Spy, an animal testing lab is exposed and graphically shows the true horror of the cruelty that is inflicted on lab animals.

A guinea pig lay in its cage with inflamed and painful blisters – a victim of the beauty industry cosmetic testing on animals.

The Skinner Box, a device used to test the theory on operant conditioning, is used on mice in this laboratory. They are subjected to repeated electric shocks in a behavioural research experiment.

Animals are also used in cancer research. A horrific image below shows a mouse who has grown a cancerous tumour larger than its head. It can hardly move, it is in clear distress and pain.

A pigeon in the lab was blinded in a cruel sight deprivation experiment whilst ducks are squeezed into small cages to await their fate.

A cow was subjected to the pain and suffering of cruel agricultural research in a lab experimenting on farm animals. Left unable to stand, with many painful sores over its body.

Vivisection – unreliable, unethical and unnecessary

Vivisection is a controversial issue. Advances in technology have proved that animal testing is unreliable, unethical and unnecessary. It is simply bad science.

With research showing that more than 90% of basic science discoveries found from animal experimentation fail to lead to human treatments, and up to 89% of animal studies could not be reproduced, why do teachers still use dissection and vivisection as a method of training for their research students?

During our investigation, we captured some horrific images of many animals being subjected to the pain, distress and sometimes death of vivisection procedures.

Vivisection is legalised animal torture. Stop vivisection!

Please provide support our campaign to stop animal testing

Remember, you can help stop these barbaric animal testing experiments by educating yourself and others.

Keep up to date with IAAPEA, and use our latest PDF Posters to spread our message around your local communities.

Day to day, you can be mindful of what products you buy, always opt for cruelty-free products and have animal welfare in mind.


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